UltrasonX 4 Speaker Ultrasonic Deterrent

  • Weatherproof 4-speaker ultrasonic (virtually silent) device deters birds, rodents and other mammals
  • Ideal for deterring garden pests, rodents, pigeons, gulls & other birds from large areas up to 330 square meters
  • Four remote (wired) speakers can be placed up to 30m from control unit
  • High frequency sounds cause temporary discomfort, driving pests away
  • Powerfull 95-102 dB output from each speaker, effective range 10m max in front of speaker
  • 15-25 KHz Frequency range effective line-of-sight
USX - UltrasonX 4 Speaker Ultrasonic Deterrent
 £1,050.59 Each(£875.49 ex.vat)
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