Goose Buster Digital Canada Goose Scarer

  • 4-speaker digital acoustic deterrent
  • Specifically aimed at deterring Geese of various types over large surface areas
  • Uses the Canada Geese natural distress call and alarm call
  • Coverage 5-7 acres per unit. Two units dramatically increases the coverage to 15-21 acres.
  • Available as a mains 220v AC or 12v DC battery option, please select below.
  • 30m of flex is provided per speaker, to allow for optimum coverage.
AD039-240V - Goose Buster Acoustic Deterrent - 240V AC
 1,487.89 Each(1,239.91 ex.vat)
AD039-12V - Goose Buster Acoustic Deterrent - 12V DC
 1,704.34 Each(1,420.28 ex.vat)
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