What products are best for home applications (balconies, pools, lawns, or trees)?

Renters and homeowners alike need simple, safe, cost-effective solutions to everyday pest bird and animal problems for regular use.

Bird-X offers solutions to fix every budget and situation. Look for do-it-yourself home pest control solutions that have proven effective for homeowners for over 50 years - leave the poisons and traps in the past where they belong.

For Pest Birds

Electronic pest bird control is clean, safe, humane and highly effective:

For enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces:

Ultrasonic devices such as the Balcony Guard are silent to most humans and provide extremely effective results.

For outdoor areas:

Sonic bird repellers provide wide area coverage and create no messes. Use sonic devices to target specific problem bird species such as woodpeckers, pigeons, gulls, geese, and many more.

For an affordable option:

Visual scare devices offer top value and flexibility. All Bird-X visual scares incorporate some type of change or movement to prevent habituation like most models. Move visual scares regularly for greatest effectiveness, best results when used in combination with another device for a multi-sensory approach.

Spot-treat specific problem areas and ensure up to 100% effectiveness with barrier methods such as Bird Spikes or Bird Repellent Gel.

For Pest Animals

Pest critters can wreak havoc. But traps and poisons aren’t safe – or sustainable. Your family’s safety is paramount. Whether you have unwanted deer or mice or spiders – or anything in-between – Electronic Repellers are effective, safe and humane for indoor and outdoor use.

If you don't want to use electronics, pest animals can also be trained to avoid your property using natural, organic Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent scent repeller. Nature’s Defense Granules deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.

For Pest Insects

Keep crawling insects and other small critters away with Sonic / Ultrasonic devices such as the Transonic Bugchaser and the Transonic PRO. As is the case with all ultrasonic solutions, best results will be achieved indoors or in other small, confined spaces.

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What products are best for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas (warehouses, loading docks, factories, parking garages or airplane hangars)?

Keeping birds and other pest animals out of semi-enclosed spaces is a special challenge. Pests enjoy the shelter and accessibility of semi-enclosed spaces, which can be difficult to evict.

Bird-X solutions for semi-enclosed spaces are unique to each area's needs. However, with the use of behavior modification devices as well as products that physically block their entry, achieving the goal of keeping out birds for good is definitely possible.

For Pest Birds

In semi-enclosed spaces, if there are enough available surfaces to reflect sound waves, you can use discreet Ultrasonic Devices to deter pest birds.

Sound Units (audible, sonic solutions) offer widest-area coverage with easy installation for large structures.

Spot treatment of beams and rafters with barrier methods like Bird Spikes, Bird Netting or Repellent Gel is always 100% effective.

Success Strategy:

Birds have easy access to these open structures. Add a Visual Scare such as Terror Eyes to any Sonic Scarer or Ultrasonic Repeller to frighten birds off using more than one sensory mode for greatest long-term success.

For Pest Animals

A Sonic/Ultrasonic Repeller works well to deter many pest species. Taste aversion Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent offers an organic, natural solution. Nature’s Defense repellent granules deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.

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What products are best for outdoor, wide-open areas (agriculture, airfields, marinas, parking lots, etc.)?

Outdoor Pest Control Successfully controlling birds outdoors is much more challenging than keeping them from entering buildings. That's why Bird-X specializes in this area. Most Bird-X products are designed for outdoor use and have been developed as behavior modification tools; that is, conditioning pests to stay away from treated areas by making the environment seem unwelcoming, uncomfortable, and dangerous.

For Pest Birds

Large areas (up to several acres)

Sonic devices project threatening sound waves across several acres: we recommend the BroadBand Pro, the BirdXPeller Pro, the Super BirdXPeller Pro and the GooseBuster. Visual Scarers are a simple, affordable solution for wide open areas.

Small areas (buildings, backyards and patios)

Ultrasonic devices, such as the UltrasonX, emit sound waves that are silent to most humans and deter pests discreetly

Bird Netting excludes pest birds from specific areas

Bird Spikes or Bird Repellent Gel can be used to protect ledges, rooftops, signs, lights, and much more.

For Pest Animals

Electronic Repellent Devices (sonic/ultrasonic) can be used to deter pest animals: we recommend the Critter Blaster Pro, Yard Gard, Deer Gard, and the Transonic Mole.

Scent and Taste Aversion compounds, such as Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent, can be used to keep pests away from foundations, garages, window wells, gardens, and more. Nature’s Defense Repellent Granules are 100% organic, deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.

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What products are best where silence is essential (customer, guest, or employee areas)?

Ultrasonic Sound Devices are silent to most humans, meaning the noises emitted are above most humans' range of hearing. The Super QuadBlaster QB-4 and the UltrasonX units fall into this category.

Also, keep in mind that physical deterrents such as Bird Spikes, and Visual Scares such as the 3D-Coyote and Terror Eyes are silent as well.

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What products are best for repelling Pigeons and Seagulls?

Seagull and Pigeon problems are common for many property owners & business managers all over the world. Pest pigeons & seagull infestation can be a terrible nuisance as well as an expensive & harmful liability. Bird-X offers bird deterrents to fit a variety of applications & budgets.

There are many Seagull and Pigeon deterrents, but Bird-X only encourages using humane, eco-friendly solutions to get rid of pest birds permanently. Pigeon and Seagull infestations often occur on rooftops of buildings, window sills, ledges & other convenient surfaces. The corrosive droppings then deface walkways, equipment, & vehicles below.

For all areas with ledges & overhangs:

Prevent pest pigeons and seagulls from landing on surfaces by installing Bird Control Spikes which are 100% effective everywhere installed.

For enclosing areas from birds:

Prevent birds from entering spaces with Bird Netting, available in many sizes and thicknesses to best address requirements. Professional bird netting is 100% effective when installed correctly & is invisible from a distance.

For outdoor areas:

Pigeons and Seagulls often accumulate in public areas like parks & squares, attracted to discarded food & rubbish left by tourists & other passersby. Sonic Repellent Devices will keep Pigeons and Seagulls away in large outdoor areas. Also, property managers should discourage visitors from feeding pigeons and seagulls, since food is an extremely attractive reason for them to keep coming back. Keep all treated areas as clean as possible for the most effective results.

For small, covered areas such as balconies:

The Balcony Guard covers up to 900 sq. ft. & is ideal for use against pigeons. Silent to most humans & motion-activated, this product protects small spaces from birds.

For semi-enclosed & enclosed areas:

Sometimes, pest pigeons make their way into semi-enclosed facilities like loading docks, warehouses, airplane hangars, stadiums, & other spaces. Facility managers can repel pigeons from the area using Ultrasonic Repellers that are nearly silent-to-humans but extremely offensive to pest birds.

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What products are best for repelling Crows?

Crows (corvus or Corvidae) are native throughout the UK and Ireland. These large, intelligent, jet-black birds with loud, hoarse voices are commonly seen in every sort of living situation & environment. They're well-known destroyers of corn crops, with fruit & plant matter making up about two-thirds of their diet.

Crows are considered among the world's most intelligent animals, on the same level as some apes. They have been found to not only use, but create tools. Crows are capable of remembering & recognizing human faces, can count numbers, & are skillful at solving puzzles. Crows are known to harass both humans & animals, & can even be aggressive toward larger birds including hawks, herons, & owls.

Getting Rid of Crows can be difficult for these reasons, however they are opportunistic & will readily go elsewhere if an area is inhospitable.

Block access to the area

Bird Netting is an immediate & obvious solution, especially for small backyard crops, because it produces a barrier that crows & other birds cannot permeate. However, this option may not be feasible for very large crops. If you only have crows to worry about, you can get a large-grade netting because they are such large birds.

Make the area feel threatening

The BirdXPeller Pro Version 2 (1 unit covers up to 1 acre) & Super BirdXPeller Pro Version 2 (1 unit covers up to 6 acres), are extremely effective against crows, as well as blackbirds & grackles. Naturally-recorded predator sounds create the illusion that the area is not safe - be certain to follow all directions & keep the device settings on random intervals to keep crows guessing, since they pick up on patterns easily.

Amplify results by using a multi-sensory approach.

Adding Visual Scares to an area treated with Sound Units is proven to improve results. Visual deterrents (just like scarecrows) work best in combination with other tactics - our Irri-Tape & Terror Eyes are especially helpful in deterring crows.

The idea is to make the area as unwelcoming as possible; if it is no longer an easy source of food for crows, they will move to other areas. As with all bird control methods, be certain to clean the area thoroughly of bird mess, if possible, to remove territorial markings & optimise bird control results.

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What products are best for repelling Geese and Ducks?

The Canada goose population has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Canada geese also sometimes migrate to northern Europe, & have been introduced to countries such as Britain, New Zealand, & other temperate regions.

Problems Associated with Pest Geese:

  • Unsightly mess – at least a pound of droppings per day per goose
  • Disease risk – droppings can carry histoplastmosis & other infectious diseases that can be harmful & even fatal to humans
  • Liability of slip-and-fall lawsuits or occupational disease lawsuits
  • Danger of attack – geese are aggresive & territorial during nesting season
  • High cost of cleanup, repair & maintenance
  • Property devaluation

Geese can be very stubborn and territorial birds. One of our Sonic Repellers, the GooseBuster, was developed as a result of three decades of scientific research into the behavior and communication patterns of Canada geese. Visual Scares like the 3D-Coyote and Terror-Eyes are also useful. Ideally, combining both approaches would be most effective.

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What products are best for repelling Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers (which include sapsuckers) are a common group of birds with a habit for drilling (or 'pecking') holes in wood surfaces.

Woodpeckers commonly drill into the wooden siding of sheds, decks, & fences, & even some non-wooden objects like gutters. The largest complaint about woodpeckers is the noise they make; these little birds can hammer away for hours just outside windows. Between the property damage & noise, woodpeckers can be a real problem.

Woodpecker Repellers:

Bird-X offers several products that are very efficient at getting rid of woodpeckers. The Woodpecker PRO was designed exclusively to repel woodpeckers, & works especially well when combined with attaching Irri-Tape directly on areas the birds are pecking.

The BirdXPeller Pro and Super BirdXPeller Pro (for larger areas) also contain settings for repelling woodpeckers. Treating surfaces with a sticky Bird Repellent Liquid is another option for repelling woodpeckers.

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Is there a warranty on electronic repellers?

Yes, all of our electronic products are covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of six months from the shipping date. See our Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Where should I mount my pest repeller?

Let the environment be your guide; a Sound Repeller works best when installed at the level of the pests, speakers facing the direction from which they arrive, with no walls or other structural barriers blocking the sound.

A Visual Deterrent will be most effective when mounted at the level of, close enough to, and easily visible to, the pests.

Bird Spikes and Bird Proof Gel must be applied to each specific beam, ledge, sill, and more on which birds are roosting.

Please read the instruction manual for the product you have selected.

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Can birds and pests get used to unmoving, unchanging repellent methods?

Pest birds and other animals are smart and stubborn. They quickly acclimate to Visual Devices that don't move and Sound Repellers that don't change pattern. All Bird-X products are designed to maintain the element of surprise.

Our Visual Deterrents move and change with the wind and light, and some include always-changing holographic material that further confuses birds.

Our Sound Repellers are programmable to vary their species settings, frequencies, intermittence, hours of operation and more.

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Why do you recommend multiple products?

To permanently repel birds and prevent infestation, it is crucial to treat the problem and its source, not just the symptoms.

The only way to do this is to make the environment undesirable. Because birds are often long-term visitors with a strong attachment to their habitat, it is critical to attack more than one sense.

For example, a Sound Repeller and a Visual Scare used together make the area seem threatening on two levels. Each product helps to support the effects of the other, resulting in a higher probability of success overall.

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What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro Card payments. You can pay via PayPal or we can also accept cheques and bank transfers.

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How soon will Bird-X UK and Ireland ship my order?

Orders with express delivery placed before 3pm Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day as the receipt of the order.

Orders with the standard 2 to 3 day delivery will typically be shipped same day but may not leave until the next working day.

See our Delivery page for a full list of our delivery options

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Are your products humane?

Yes. Our products are humane, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-harmful and extremely effective.

Non-lethal deterrents are actually the most effective, because they condition pests to stay away for good. Lethal methods do not make the environment unappealing for future pests. There are also many more benefits of humane pest control.

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Are ultrasonic and laser repellers a concern for employees, customers, residents, children or pets?

It is wise to be cautious with any sound or light in our environment (i.e., avoid loud rock concerts, avoid staring directly at the sun).

Bird-X ultrasonic and laser repellers are not dangerous when used as directed. Ultrasonic repellers can be loud, while registering above human hearing range.

Laser repellers are fully-registered and consumer safe, though still lasers. We recommend both only at high ceiling levels, not near people for long periods of time.

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Do you discount for quantity purchases?

Yes we do. Many of our products have quantity discounts.

Please refer to the product pages on this website to see what savings are available.

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