Visual Bird Scarers

The origins of our visual bird scare devices stem from traditional 'scarecrow' theories which strike at the heart of any wild animalís natural defense mechanism associated with encountering a predator....flee!.

We have taken the traditional concepts of the scarecrow and brought them into the 21st century by implementing solutions that utilize holographic materials, laser technology, and scientific research to frighten and intimidate birds and other pest animals before they have a chance to get comfortable enough to destroy your property.

Our visual scares work very well as stand-alone pest deterrents for use against pigeons, seagulls, crows, starlings, geese, sparrows, foxes, squirrels, cats and other pests, but they are best utilised in tandem with our electronic pest deterrents (sonic, ultrasonic and laser repellers) to add realism and fear to the bright lights, predator sounds and distress calls associated with our electronic systems.

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