Sonic Bird Scarers

When birds encounter dangerous situations or spot a predator, they let out very specific distress and alarm calls to notify other birds that the area is not safe.

The Bird-X range of sonic bird repellers broadcasts naturally recorded versions of these sounds to create an environment that is not only unfriendly for pest birds, but gives the impression that it would be life-threatening for the birds to occupy the area. Because of this, birds will not linger for long when the sonic repeller is operating.

Add to this a number of predator calls from birds of prey and a random play back feature and the pest birds react quickly to a constantly varying threat.

Our range of repellers are digital systems with no moving parts. They are fully weather-proof and when installed correctly will give a long, maintenance free service life.

Sonic repellers can be highly effective over a large surface area when correctly specified and installed. Our range of sonic repellers have a coverage of between 1-30 acres dependent upon the size of the system.

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