Bird Control Products

Bird-X bird control products are safe, humane, eco-friendly, & extremely effective.

Click on the categories below to learn more about each type of bird control method & to decide which one best fits your situation and your budget.

Bird Spikes
Bird Spikes for use against Seagulls, Pigeons, Crows & Starlings
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Bird Netting
Safely block pest birds from entering gardens, buildings, or other areas
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Visual Repellers
Scare away pests with Bird-X visual scare devices.
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Sonic Bird Repellers
Audible bird distress calls keep away pest birds effectively & humanely
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Ultrasonic Bird Repellers
Silent bird repellers deter birds using ultrasonic sound frequencies.
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Bird BLazer
Electronic laser bird repeller gets rid of pest birds in large indoor spaces
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Bird Repellent Gels
Long Lasting, Non-Toxic, Bird Repellent Gel and Liquid
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