Animal Repellers

Our garden animal pest deterrents work on a variety of problem animals. These industrial-strength solutions have variable sound output frequency settings, so nothing interferes with your pet's well-being.

YardGard is for outdoor use & discourages foxes, dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits and other garden pests.

Transonic PRO is for indoor use & discourages rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders and crawling insects.

The new Transonic Mole banishes underground intruders from your garden.

Our ultrasonic deterrents are highly effective line-of-site deterrents and should be mounted at the same height as the head-height of pest that you are trying to deter. Avoid placing solid objects in the path of the system as this will create a sound shadow in which the pest can seek refuge from the high frequency sound output.

Please note that the high-frequency sound output of theses systems have an effective range of 8-10 metres in front of the speaker, the sound output will not travel through solid objects or around corners.

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