Bird-X Over 50 Years of Humane Pest Control

Since 1964, Bird-X Inc. has been the leader in producing humane pest and bird repellent products.

We offer the most comprehensive line of bird and pest control products that are eco-friendly, environmentally-safe, non-toxic and non-harmful.

A Comprehensive Range of Pest Control Products

Bird-Xs electronic solutions consisting of sonic, ultrasonic and laser technology are used in conjunction with many of our products such as netting, bird spikes, coyote replicas, gels, predator owls and other repellents to create the most comprehensive approach to eliminate pest birds and other pest animals.

Bird-X UK and Ireland

Bird-X UK and Ireland are the official distributor of Bird-X products across the UK and Ireland.

We support the full range of Bird-X products under the original manufacturer's warranty, from stock in the UK.

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